Things To Know About Level 2 First Aid Courses

Just like it has become mandatory for almost all organizations to provide health and safety trainings to its employees, it is also important to offer level 2 first aid courses which is an intermediate level training for first aid sessions. If you are looking for a best training for investing in your employees in order to provide them with a healthy environment, there is nothing better than a level 2 first aid course as it is a bit advanced than the basic level. Let’s find out more about it.

When you are aware of first aid knowledge and skills, everyone in your surrounding is under safe hands. Talking about EWP license, one can easily get trained in 2 days’ maximum. Before getting started with this particular training, the only qualification that is a prerequisite is a characteristic in a person to help people whenever any need occurs or emergency situation occurs.

The next thing that people often ask is what is a difference between a basic first aid course and a level 2 first aid course; the difference is such that level 1 only deals with the equipment that is used in first aid and the problems and solutions that can be used for any basic level emergency. However, when it comes to level 2 first aid courses, they contain the following content;

How to response to a person who is unconscious

How to manage a situation where a patient is bleeding?

Communication that is required to deal with in emergency situations

Environmental injuries

Injuries that are related to soft tissues such as sprains, dislocations, fractures and strains

Cardiac situations


How to provide CPR to an infant, child or an adult

Airway management

Undergoing such training and having its certification is considered to be one of the most important certifications that any human can carry with them in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment amongst the organization. Visit for first aid training in Melbourne.

The benefit of undergoing such courses is that it maintains a healthy environment amongst people so that they are there to help everyone around in times of emergencies, moreover, this also creates a positive attitude amongst the employees as they feel that their organization considers them important hence, arranging for such safety measures. As a result, one can witness a change in employees’ attitude as they feel boosted and ready to take over any challenge which increases productivity in the organization as a whole. We highly recommend all the employers and employees to make this as an important part of their organization so that everyone is kept safe around.